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Tell Me Why

*Tell me why We live in a world where people care about nothing but themselves and what they want. What has happened to us as the human race. We haven’t always been like this have we? I thought we used to help people in our communities when they needed help raising a barn or a house?

*Didn’t we used to show up to help when crops needed to be planted and/or harvested because the man died or was physically unable to do it himself.

*Tell me why we have become a society with the bad attitude of  “What can you do for me” or “What can the government do for me . . . not what can I do for others?”

*Tell me why it’s about welfare and social programs we get from government instead of depending on family, friends, and churches? Why can’t communities work together with business to take care of their own?

*Tell me why we are no longer interested in being self-reliant by sewing and repairing clothing, preparing for winter by canning and preserving food in times of plenty, by cooking at home instead of going out, by gardening fruits and vegetables from our own yards, and by having a “savings account” to make ends meet instead of sitting around expecting to take from other’s pockets when they have planned and prepared for themselves? Do we not see something wrong with this attitude? We should!

*Tell me why we forget that working hard to make our way through life or that fulfilling dreams can be achieved when we work hard and do it right?

*Tell me Why have we forgotten that we can change our own stars when we believe in ourselves?

We were created to need each other and to give our talents and skills to help people who need what we can give.

The “Parable of the Talents” is all about taking what you have and multiplying it by giving to others instead of keeping it to ourselves. We are blessed beyond measure when we do. Giving is not just for the benefactor, the person who receives, but it is for the giver as well. Remember the warmth we feel inside inside when we see the twinkling eyes and smiling faces of those who benefited from our good deed?  That feeling  is priceless and can only be felt when we give of ourselves.

This music video showed us why we need to change. It is very touching!!!! I believe you will enjoy it as much as I do. It is done by a very gifted young man named Declan Galbraith and titled: Tell me why [ with lyrics].

Enjoy the music and then please, contemplate on what you can do personally to help us change ourselves and then the world around us!!


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