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Peace and Joy In The Soul

I want you to know that, from childhood to now, I have a very close relationship with my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ; who is my Savior, Priest, and King.

I love the Lord with all My heart, might, mind, and strength. He atoned for the sins of the world and for mine as well; for all of my imperfections and mistakes.

Also, I love Him because He broke the bounds of death and the grave through resurrection. I know that through Him I can become sanctified and live with Him and my Heavenly Father when I leave this earth. Knowing these things gives me joy and solace in the mist of the evils that surround me today.

Because of the Lord’s teachings and those of His prophets, I know the pathway to God. I know how I must live to be happy and to feel content with my life. I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like if I had not known these things and lived my life according to the plan that my Father in Heaven has for me.


My mission is to help people find peace in their souls by following the correct principles that reward them with peace of mind, joy, and happiness. I know that when we try to live this life according to our own makings and our own design, we WILL NOT find peace of mind, joy, and happiness to the extent that we could if we had followed the Lord’s Plan for us.

I’ve learned that we can continue doing what we have always done, and we can make the mistakes that do not provide peace and contentment in the soul, but then the lessons we are supposed to learn will continue to be put in front of us until we learn them. This is a Universal Truth!

In other words, until we learn the lessons we are supposed to learn and make changes in our lives resulting in rewards that make us happy, the Universe will continue to serve up the lessons we need to learn until we finally figure it out and change. Laws within the Universe are fixed and unchangeable. Therefore, they are not subject to interpretation and manipulation in order to fit our circumstances. The truth of the matter is that “It is what it is” and we can resist and be miserable or comply and have peace in our souls; I choose peace!

Denying there is a God and that Universal Laws exist will not change a thing. Whether you believe or accept that they exist does not negate the consequence of your noncompliance. Compliance rewards us with the blessings our souls can depend on when life’s storms rage about us. Noncompliance , however, always has consequences that take us away from the blessings for which we yearn to have but only evade us.

One thing I do know for sure is that it is NOT wise to be in conflict with God and the Universe. Otherwise, life will just become harsher and more challenging in order to gain our attention. This is necessary in order for us to make the comment to live our lives differently. So go ahead and resist changing, continue to live life according to your own rules and see how far that gets you!


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Life Gives Us Smooth Stones to Protect Peace

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We need to become more aware of the Smooth Stones that show up in life and help us overcome difficulties.

Smooth Stones are sometimes hard to recognize because they come in different ways. They can be found in a commercial, in a movie, in a story, or even in a joke. They are seen in a highway bill board or in a scenic view.  Smooth Stones are all around us but we may not recognize them at first.

Smooth Stones are found in things that we see or in thoughts we have had but did not understand until someone put them into words that we can comprehend. At times, Smooth Stones come from people the Spirit uses to guide us. Smooth Stones also help us understand what promotes peace in our particular situations.

One of the greatest lessons we will ever learn is that enduring hardships, disappointments, adversities, and afflictions is necessary to learn and advance in our understanding.

Regardless of circumstances, it is within our ability to find peace during trials if we know how to go about it, and if we are ready to make that commitment.

In order to protect peace and our peace of mind, we need to understand what principles need to be complied with before this blessing can exist in our lives on a regular basis.  The goal of the blog is to help satisfy this objective.

We have to accept that we cannot always control the way life comes at us but we can control how we respond to it. We can throw up our arms and say, “Oh well, I can’t do anything about it anyway so I will just react like I always do.”  Or we can choose to look for an alternative to the way we usually react that will protect peace and peace of mind. This is called learning to respond appropriately to situations. Responding appropriately to situations is something we learn through education, training, and experience.

We have to decide to change the way we currently respond to a stressful or difficult situation so we no longer react in default. Reacting in default means we react the same way every time something happens without thinking about it.

We need to think about an appropriate response before a situation happens so that we know an alternative way to respond. We may screw up and react anyway, but thinking about it first gives us an opportunity to recognize what we’ve done and perhaps change the response next time a situation occurs.

Smooth Stones are useful tools in helping us change the way we respond and in seeing a different way to handle a situation.  They become an essential part in changing our habits and responses so we can become a happier person. That means we have to start paying attention to what is happening around us so we can recognize the Smooth Stones in front of us to use in current trials.

Do we want to be in control of our own happiness or allow life to push us around?  This ability is in how we view adversity and challenges and how we deal with them.  Perhaps just thinking about this will open the windows of the mind and help us start seeing alternatives.

Whatever the case may be for you, I will be happy to answer your questions.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for my help with this.  I am always happy to assist you in taking more control of your responses instead of reacting in default.

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