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Healthy Attitude About Sex and Relationships

  • Hello Parents and Teens – Part 4MAR 25, 2010 Parents Must Teach Correct Principles Parents: Please, if you have been lax in your parental responsibilities or you feel inadequate to fight this battle, do whatever it takes to arm yourselves and your children with better tools to win this war. Whether you like it or not and whether or not you are prepared for it, you and your children have been drawn into …
  • Hello Parents and Teens – Part 3MAR 25, 2010 Parents Face An Uphill Battle Parents: We may be responsible parents and teach our children correctly but they still fall victim to society.  Children become victims because they were not strong enough to resist the compelling influences that besiege them. Also, they may not fully understand that this is a war for their right to be happy and to be safe from the harmful …
  • Hello Parents and Teens – Part 2MAR 25, 2010 Why Are We Surprised? First let me talk to the parents and then to the teens. I do this so parents and teens can better understand each other and appreciate how I can help you in your discussions about sex. Parents: We will do our youth a great injustice when we neglect to teach them that their outside appearance does not represent …
  • Hello Parents and Teens – Part 1MAR 25, 2010  Why I Have Taken Up The Challenge All of the situations discussed in this series are reasons for why I have taken it upon myself to write about the challenges Parents and Children face today, especially teens and tweens. Parents: I want to help parents and teens see that there are alternatives to doing what they know in their souls are wrong but …
  • Why I Wrote Sex, What About ItMAR 22, 2010  When people kept saying that some sections from my other book were helpful with their relationships, “The Treasure Box Series, Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness”, I decided to put together a small booklet to promote The Treasure Box Series. I made fifteen booklets and handed them out to people. Twelve of these people said that I should turn the booklet into …
  • Time-Tested StandardsMAR 22, 2010 When we remove chastity, morality, and Godliness from society, what’s left?  That’s why society has almost NO chastity or  morality, and little or NO godliness.  That’s also why we have such a high rate of teen pregnancy, the high cost of supporting young mothers and their children, and the high rate of sexual diseases transmitted in society. Obviously, this removal of …
  • Celibacy Is Weird MAR 18, 2010 Suppose a man waits for sex until it’s under the covenants of marriage. Yet, women think he is weird for dating without having sexual encounters. Worse, women won’t date or marry a man who isn’t experienced. Now he is frustrated because women don’t appreciate celibacy and fidelity. Sexual gratification is the driving force behind dating and relationships. God created men and …
  • Smudging The LinesMAR 18, 2010 Some people abuse sex, and they do things their creator never intended for them to do. They play with it as if it’s a cheap toy, showing little or no respect for its powers or valuing the boundaries that God has placed on its use. Sometimes a spouse smudges the lines that keep sex within the bounds of their commitment to each other. …Older Postings:
  • Conditioned From Childhood March 13, 2010
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What Goes Into Your Life’s Treasure Box

What gems have you put into your Life’s Treasure Box? We need to collect the type of gems that cannot be washed away in a life storm or stolen by a thief. Family, virtue, love, worthiness, trust, integrity, hope, and loyalty to correct principles are the type of gems that cannot be taken from us. Those are the type of gems that I have collected, and I hope you are presently collecting as well. Otherwise, anything else can be lost and leave you feeling empty and without value.

I ask this question because many of us in these times spend a lot of time collecting the wrong type of gems and when things go bad and we lose our job, our home, our cars, and all the stuff we’ve collected in our lives that we believe gives us worth and value, then we feel destroyed and want to run away from our life or some commit suicide…all because they lost material things that don’t really matter.

Do you know people like this? Are you a person like this? Are you happy now but are afraid of what your life would be like if you lost all that you have now and your standing in society? Do you believe that you will lose your friends and family if you lose your income and prestige that you have now? If you feel any of these feelings then you need to start collecting other treasure right now that will be there no matter what happens to your job and your income.

I learned this hard lesson when I lost my own job several years back. I was getting bill collector calls right and left and I was unable to get another job. I was out of work for a year and my husband was nagging me about getting a job. He did not appreciate that I had been going out on 25 job interviews in that week alone, and he didn’t care because he wanted me working and bringing in income. I was anxious to get a job too because I had bill collectors calling me day and night.

One day something clicked in my mind and I realized all that I had didn’t matter. The phone calls didn’t matter. I realized that nothing mattered but my family and the life that I had right then. I was happy for the first time in a long time and I didn’t care if I got a job or not. When that change in mindset occurred, I found a change in myself, my daughter, and my husband. And then I got an job. Within a month of working, I noticed my relationships changed with my family and I was no longer happy.

You can do what you want, and you can derive what you want from this report, but whatever you decide is relevant, I hope you will at least try to collect the gems in this life that really bring you happiness and joy. Peace of mind comes when you are satisfied with your life, and that my friend is worth more than any treasure you can find on earth.

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