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Parental Abuse Support Line

Safe in Gods Hands Support Line

Thursday, May 13, 2010
9:00pm – 11:00pm
712-432-3900 pin #647-495


The rise of parent abuse has many parents feeling too ashamed to get the help they need. If your teen is violent, don’t minimize the problem. Face it head on.

Perhaps the biggest obstacles to overcoming parent abuse are shame and blame. If your teen is violent (hitting, threatening, intimidating, name-calling, shoving, etc.) it’s tough to even think about getting help because acknowledging or naming the problem is painful.

To make matters worse, once parents that are suffering abuse find the courage to reach out they often do not find the help they need. Instead they find blame; “this is your fault because you are a bad parent.”

It is no wonder that parent abuse – an increasingly common problem – is not often talked about or adequately addressed.

If you are suffering abuse at the hands of your son or daughter, please know this:

You are not alone again. Although the problem isn’t often talked about, it does exist and it is increasingly common. Blaming is not the answer or even a useful response to the problem.

Please join the support line this next week. Even if you are not being abused yourself, you may know someone who is being abused and you can learn how to help her.

If you have a story that you would like to share with our readers, please feel free to share it with us. Tell everyone you know about this superb support group.

I know this beautiful woman who is putting on this group help line and I know the trouble she has been through. I attest with assurance that she is genuine and knows what she is talking about. I know she can help you. If you plan to attend, please send me an email to confirm your attendance and then I will pass along the message to my friend. I confirmed my attendance.

The rise of parent abuse has many parents feeling too ashamed to get the help they need. If your teen is violent, don’t minimize the problem. Face it head on.
Perhaps the biggest obstacles to overcoming parent abuse are shame and blame. If your teen is violent (hitting, threatening, intimidating, name-calling, shoving, etc.) it’s tough to even think about getting help because acknowledging or naming the problem is painful.

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Peace and Joy In The Soul

I want you to know that, from childhood to now, I have a very close relationship with my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ; who is my Savior, Priest, and King.

I love the Lord with all My heart, might, mind, and strength. He atoned for the sins of the world and for mine as well; for all of my imperfections and mistakes.

Also, I love Him because He broke the bounds of death and the grave through resurrection. I know that through Him I can become sanctified and live with Him and my Heavenly Father when I leave this earth. Knowing these things gives me joy and solace in the mist of the evils that surround me today.

Because of the Lord’s teachings and those of His prophets, I know the pathway to God. I know how I must live to be happy and to feel content with my life. I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like if I had not known these things and lived my life according to the plan that my Father in Heaven has for me.


My mission is to help people find peace in their souls by following the correct principles that reward them with peace of mind, joy, and happiness. I know that when we try to live this life according to our own makings and our own design, we WILL NOT find peace of mind, joy, and happiness to the extent that we could if we had followed the Lord’s Plan for us.

I’ve learned that we can continue doing what we have always done, and we can make the mistakes that do not provide peace and contentment in the soul, but then the lessons we are supposed to learn will continue to be put in front of us until we learn them. This is a Universal Truth!

In other words, until we learn the lessons we are supposed to learn and make changes in our lives resulting in rewards that make us happy, the Universe will continue to serve up the lessons we need to learn until we finally figure it out and change. Laws within the Universe are fixed and unchangeable. Therefore, they are not subject to interpretation and manipulation in order to fit our circumstances. The truth of the matter is that “It is what it is” and we can resist and be miserable or comply and have peace in our souls; I choose peace!

Denying there is a God and that Universal Laws exist will not change a thing. Whether you believe or accept that they exist does not negate the consequence of your noncompliance. Compliance rewards us with the blessings our souls can depend on when life’s storms rage about us. Noncompliance , however, always has consequences that take us away from the blessings for which we yearn to have but only evade us.

One thing I do know for sure is that it is NOT wise to be in conflict with God and the Universe. Otherwise, life will just become harsher and more challenging in order to gain our attention. This is necessary in order for us to make the comment to live our lives differently. So go ahead and resist changing, continue to live life according to your own rules and see how far that gets you!

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A Stuffed Treasure Box


Treasure Box

People may spend a lifetime in search of mysteries and the secrets of life. Searching for this will only be in vain until we apply correct principles that reward us with peace, especially when life’s storms blow into our lives.

You may identify with many of the things I tell you in this blog about peace.  Perhaps you will learn from my mistakes and my successes as well. Knowing what to put in our Life’s Treasure Boxes is one of the most important lessons we learn in life.

A stuffed Treasure Box and a full account in the Love Bank ™ provide the very assets we need to survive challenging times. (See Collossians 2:3 and Matthew 6:19-21 for details.) We will discuss the Love Bank™ in more detail at a later time

The love we have for our family members should be the most precious jewels in our Treasure Boxes. We  feel a strong obligation to protect them from drowning in the storms of life. In order to do that, however, our families will need the correct tools to protect themselves.

We try to shelter those we love from exposure to extreme temperatures, and from wind, snow, and rain. We need to be  just as responsible in sheltering them from influences that hurt them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually until they are strong enough or old enough to do it for themselves.

Collecting the treasures of honesty, virtues, commitment, discipline, and being in harmony with God are the type of gems we should be putting in our treasure boxes. Doing so is how we survive the onslaught of affliction when life hits us hard, when we fail, when we lose loved ones, or when a disaster comes our way. We must build our lives upon the rock (see Matthew 7:24-27 for details) that keeps us safe from being swept away in a storm. From experience, I know that these are the best assets in withstanding the adversities we face.

Why are these gems an asset in trying times?

These treasures are like the boulders we anchor ourselves to in a storm and keep us from drowning in the torrent. We must hold on tightly, lest we be blown away or crushed by the current.

With experience, we learn that we can handle whatever life throws at us. We know this is true because we have wisely collected the gems that bolster our strength and ability to hold on in life’s storms. We might come out of  it with some pretty nasty cuts and bruises, but we will survive with our peace of mind still intact.

Now, more than ever, we need to help family members avoid being pulled into the chaos of a storm or caught in the wake of it as well. The Treasure Box Series helps you feel more secure in your ability to weather the storms that come into your life. You will know what to do to prevent the slightest wind from becoming a tempest.

If you will commit to the principles that protect peace of mind and apply them to your circumstances, you will learn some interesting things about yourself.  By so doing, your life will begin to change drastically. However, be aware that those around you who do not want you to change, those who want you to stay in the box they created for you, will do everything they can to discourage you from doing what you need to do. They do that because escaping the box challenges them to change the way they think about you and how they interact with you. Some people hate change so they resist the new person you are becoming. Do not let that dissuade you or prevent you from going after living a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. You deserve it!

Filling up our Life’s Treasure Boxes with gems of the spirit provides peace of mind when storms of tribulation and chaos beat on our doors. The gems we put in our treasure boxes become our most effective tools in achieving peace, joy, and happiness during hard times.

First-hand, I learned to protect peace in challenging times. For this reason, I developed a better understanding of the fact that life’s harsh lessons may seem unbearable at times. These lessons can deeply stir the soul, even plunge us into despair and chaos. Although it may not seem like it at the time you are suffering, these lessons will be useful when you cultivate it into a better understanding of life.

 Make the decision now to do something different than you have been and see what changes in your life. Perhaps you will find the changes beneficial and rewarding. It’s my experience that you will be pleased with the results. Once you learn them, please teach your children and grandchildren these important principles.

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Peace Is Described In Various Ways

We need to understand what peace is in order to understand how to have more peace in our lives.

  • Peace is a spiritual condition when we are in harmony with our surroundings and with our Divine Creator as well.
  • Peace is a person who is peaceful, serene, tranquil, and calm.
  • Peace is a place or event that is peaceful, serene, tranquil, and calm.
  • Peace is a nation that is not at war. However, peace cannot exist when a nation’s citizenry has discord among themselves and their leaders.

A Peaceful Spirit

We create a peaceful spirit by being in alignment with Deity, and by having a strong desire for peace. We also create a peaceful spirit when we are free of conflict within ourselves, with each other, with a physical or spiritual enemy, and avoid creating strife and hostility around us.

We help create a peaceful spirit by our surroundings.  For instance, I use pictures and music to create a peaceful spirit in me. Below are pictures is use to make me more peaceful.

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What Do You Want?


I am a person who is dissatisfied with the way life is going.

I am a person who is ready for the truth if someone is willing to

tell me what I need to know.

I am a person who wants to be happier and more secure.

I am an American, a Canadian, a German or any nationality

of the human race.

I am seriously wanting to change my mundane life.

I am from all walks of life and lifestyle.

I am you.

If you have come to this site in hope of finding something different, I believe you can find what you want and need right here to make your life seem more meaningful.

I say this because, several years ago, I was on a quest to find more peace, joy, and happiness in my life.  As a result, I learned the principles that make me a happier person. In addition, I learned to change the way I look at things that stress me in life. Now I no longer react to those challenges and respond to them in a much different way than I used to. Things just don’t get to me any more.

Life is way too short to waste it on things that don’t really matter in the big scheme of things. Letting things go that don’t matter leaves room for things that do matter. The problem is that too many people don’t know what matters. Instead, they respond to challenges out of anger or ego whenever something happens that disagrees with what they think is important. As a result, they respond the same way they always do when something happens to them; the response is as if it is in default or on auto pilot.

I learned that I do not have to live my life in default or on auto pilot. I can change the way I look at a situation and see a different alternative than the way I used to respond. In other words, if I continue to do what I’ve always done, nothing is going to change for me.  It wasn’t until I actually stopped reacting and listened to my inner spirit, that I changed my situation. By not doing what seemed right and doing what was right, the outcome changed and so did my destiny.

The point is that we can change the tape playing inside our minds that tell us to react a specific way when we become angry or stressed. Once we understand where our reaction originates, usually from ego or passon, then we see our situation in a different light. Reacting in default (meaning reacting the way we have always done), creates chaos, contention, misunderstandings, and negative results. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It is a choice to see another alternative that may provide us better results than reacting in the usual manner.

Again, “let me ask: Who am I”?

I am a person who has learned to change the way I see life and the stresses that affect how I react or respond to them. I am a calmer and happier person now.  Of course, I don’t always respond to life perfectly because I am a human being with ego and passions. However, I make right choices a lot more often than I make wrong choices in my responses. I am grateful for the person I have become and for life’s lessons that taught me to change.

You too can change the way you see life’s stresses and how you respond to them. I am nobody special, I’m just like you. If I can change then so can you. And, if I am different from you, it’s only because I made the effort to change.

Feel free to write and tell me about some of the things you have done to change the way you respond and to have more peace in your life. If you are having difficulty in making the changes you need to make, feel free to read my book “The Treasure Box Series, Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness.” The book is a compilation of the lessons that life taught me through the years about meeting the challenges that affect peace of mind and happiness. I wrote down these lessons so you may benefit from my mistakes and accomplishments.

As Oprah Winfrey said one time, “When we know better we do better.”  This statement is so true.  Once we change, we teach others around us to respond differently to their challenges as well. We not only change ourselves, we change others too.  This is a great blessing.

Another important lesson I learned is that the universe will continue to serve up the lessons we need to learn until we finally get the message and change.  We can resist changing, but then life will only become harsher in order to gain our attention. We can be stubborn about it and not change, but that means we deny ourselves the blessings we can have if we just accept the principles that create peace in our lives.

In conclusion, let me say for a fact that I learned it is not wise to be in conflict with God and the universe.  We can choose to be happy by accepting the principles that create peace or we can choose to be miserable by resisting them and not changing. What choice will you make?  As for me, I chose to be a happier and more peaceful person.

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A Stuffed Treasure Box

Family Members And The Beauty of Nature Are The Most Precious Gems In My Life’s Treasure Box

  • While in pursuit of peace, joy, and happiness, we must keep our minds focused squarely on obtaining only those things in life that hold the most meaning.
  • The Treasure Box Series is about creating peace in our souls by collecting treasure that give us more of what we want in life. What I want is peace of mind, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment, and I suspect that’s what you want also.
  • Therefore, we need to be collecting gems that are good for us by making right choices, and by responding appropriately to the situations that life puts in front of us.
  • Indeed, with a stuffed treasure box and a full account in the Love Bank™ we can withstand our life-storms and prevent the slightest wind from becoming a tempest.
  • What we choose to put in our life’s treasure boxes become our greatest asset in achieving peace of mind as we face difficult situations.
  • The purpose of this book series is to convey a message of hope for those of you who find yourselves bogged down by the chaos around you and crave rest from the turmoil in your lives. It is also for those of you who are in desperate need of peace to warm your souls when life seems to be coming apart at the seams.
  • I want you to know that, regardless of circumstances, it still within our ability to find peace in trying times if we know how to do so and if we are ready to make that commitment. The purpose for me writing this series is to teach you what I’ve learned and to help you achieve your goals in this area as well.

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