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Can I Succeed In My Pursuits?

glassesHow many times have you asked yourselves the question “Can I Succeed In My Pursuits? Have you received the level of success that you want or are you still looking for success? May I success that succes can mean many things, and different things to different people. Below is my story about asking the question, “Can I really succeed?” and then an amazing thing happened.

I share my story with you so that you appreciate the power in asking the question and then the affect you have on others lives when you have answered this question. Please share your stories with me as well. Our stories are interesting and inspiring to others who are going through the same process.

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Peace Does Not Agree With War

An interesting thing happened when I did a grammar check on the next paragraph. The computer came back with the remark, “Peace does not agree with war.” Although I found this statement somewhat amusing, it surprised me that the computer could actually capture the essence of what I wanted to say. The claim that “Peace does not agree with war” could not be truer and emphasizes my point exactly!

Peace cannot exist if war is brewing inside us, brewing in those with whom we associate, or brewing in those living in our communities and other parts of the world. When war is brewing in other parts of the world, we are affected because we a connected to each other and affect each other more than ever before in history. So what they do will eventually affect us in some way.

I read somewhere that being peaceful is an edict given to us from on high (see Psalms 34:14; Romans 12:18; and 1 Timothy 2:2). Peace, meaning freedom from war, has been the hope and desire of most civilized nations throughout the ages, even though it is not easily accomplished. Since its inception, the root of our nation’s aspirations has been to seek and pursue peace, to renounce war, to proclaim peace whenever possible, and to be peaceful with each other. I agree with this assessment.

I realize that it took a war to give Americans our own freedom, and that sometimes we participate in war to protect that freedom. By examining the history of other nations, we realize how special America is in respecting and protecting people’s peace and liberty. In most cases, history documents that we have only engaged in war as a response to attacks on us, to preserve the liberty that we fought to achieve, and to help others gain their liberty and rights (especially when it’s been stolen from them). Unfortunately, it has not always been perceived that way by some of us at home or by people abroad.

Harboring hostilities and being at peace are emotional conditions that cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Trying to be peaceful when we have contention in our hearts affects our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health (possibly even economically) if a resolution does not come quickly. Otherwise, something must give way and that is usually peace. A situation such as this eventually erupts when strong emotions are involved, and when families, friends, and neighbors are arguing and fighting. Situations that cause irritation or misunderstandings occur all the time, and some of them cause discord that leaves pent-up hostilities and unresolved issues.

If our true objective is to be more peaceful, then we must do whatever it takes to prevent war in our personal relationships and associations. This is not to suggest that we shouldn’t disagree with someone or that, with proper conviction, we shouldn’t stand up for something that we feel is right or moral! That would be contrary to peace! Peace cannot exist unless we are willing to back it up with our voices, actions, or even sacrifices, if needed. What I suggest is being committed to a peaceful resolution by responding appropriately.

A peaceful resolution does not occur when reacting out of ego and self-will, or when responding with haste, anger, panic, hysteria, fear, and retaliation. If efforts for resolution fail, careful consideration and planning must be exercised before entering into war; it’s really just common sense.

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