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Filling Up Life's Treasure Box

Filling Life’s Treasure Box


Filling up life’s Treasure Boxes with gems of the spirit provides peace

in difficult situations.

The Gems we put in our Treasure Boxes become our greatest asset

in achieving peace and happiness.

Many times people spend a lifetime searching for the mysteries

and secrets of life.

Searching for the secret is only in vain until we apply correct principles that

can reward us with peace when storms blow into our lives.

Knowing what to put in our Life’s Treasure Boxes is one of the most

important lessons to learn.

A stuffed Treasure Box and a full account in the Love

Bank (Trademark by Terrance Norton)

provide assets we need to survive challenging times.

(See Colossians 2:3 and Matthew 6:19-21 for details.)

  • How do yoy feel about this point?
  • Do you think we collect gems in this life and keep them inside us as if it were a treasure box?
  • Have you been searching for the secrets to life and but not found them yet?
  • What do you think is the secret to life?

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This is an extension of and so you can keep up with the news reports on the subjects of peace, joy, and happiness, and the gems we collect and put in our life’s treasure boxes. Although this site is new and under construction, please keep checking back for updates as I build this site. I hope you find it worth your time because this is something I am passionate about and find pleasure in reporting about to you. I welcome feedback so I know if you enjoy it or not and suggestions for making it better is also appreciated.



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