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*Part 3-Lesson From The Past

Anti-social. PART 3

Let us take a step back in history for just a moment to a time when circumstances were much like they are now. Possibly we could learn something valuable in determining what people did then to obtain peace of mind, especially during one of the most dangerous threats of our time. I am thinking of the 1950s and ‘60s.

I grew up then, and remember well that people had serious concerns about a nuclear attack from the USSR. Also, I remember two things in particular about this time period.

  • First, I remember that families wisely stored food and other essentials in secure places (sometimes in bomb shelters they had built).
  • Second, I remember that schools taught children how to respond in case of such an attack, and then drilled them often. Therefore, children were familiar with the procedure they needed to take so they would not panic in case of a real attack. No one was traumatized because, at the time, it was just a game to us.

Now I am older, and I understand that knowing what to do in a crisis is what helped the people back then deal with the possibility of a horrific event. This knowledge eased many of their fears and gave them a greater sense of peace during a time when they really needed it. Under the circumstances, they knew they had done all they could and were as prepared as they could be. They used what knowledge and tools they had at their disposal and made plans to deal with such an event if they had to.

Of course, these preparations did not make their lives any safer. It did, however, help them face their threat mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I believe this clue can help us handle our own fears in the situation we face now regarding terrorism and other worries. This means we should learn what we can, do what we can, and then be at peace with it.

Remember that the people living in the ‘50s and ‘60s faced their fears by preparing for the possibility of a calamity; thank God their fears never materialized. Surely, we have the opportunity now to learn something about peace of mind from them. Just as the people had done back then, we cannot afford to overlook the opportunity we have now to prepare for any type of crisis that must surly be in the forecast; and do it without hysteria, panic or paranoia.

Currently, there are concerns about natural disasters and possible economic misfortunes. If we miss out on the opportunity now to prepare as well as we should for an event, widespread panic is certain . . . even expected! We will then be forced to deal with the situation out of default (meaning out of panic, hysteria and overreaction).

The worst thing to do in a crisis is overreact or panic, which means we fail to understand the threat beforehand or foresee possible responses; in which case, we would be ill-equipped to handle the reality of a crisis. So it makes sense to me that the wisest thing to do is plan ahead before something happens. Does this make sense to you?

What plans have you made to care for your family in the event of misfortune? Do you know what risks you are needing to consider? Do you know where to find answers for your questions?

If you need help with answering these questions, please feel free to contact me.  I will be glad to assist you.



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