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*Part 2-Fretting and Worrying Won’t Help

Crying. PART 2

All we can do is focus on what we know we have the power to change or do something about now. We cannot worry about what we have no power to affect. After all we have done to prepare, we can snuggle up in the safe cocoons God provides us in the sanctity of our homes. Then we must go about our normal duties and take care of business as usual.

While doing what is normal, we should keep our eyes open and our ears tuned in with a shrewd awareness. Yet, we must do this without stressing or reacting out of panic and paranoia. We also need to have the type of mindset that is beneficial when discussing challenges with family members, and to influence behavior that is encouraging in difficult times.

I think one reason that people hide their heads in the sand instead of preparing for emergencies is they really don’t know what to do if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition. Nevertheless not facing it out of fear keeps them from facing the reality itself; and that hurts them and their families more than necessary.

If you are the one who is hiding, I invite you to come out and learn how to prepare better. It really is safer and a lot of fun for the entire family. Then you and the family can snuggle up in your safe cocoons and not concern yourself with what you cannot do anything about.

There are plenty of activities that you can do as a family. You can build shelves together for storing food and emergency supplies. You might prepare a garden and then do some canning together in the summer months. You can make applesauce, apple pie filling, jams, and fruit leather when fruit is in abundance. (Note: Canning meats and most vegetables require a pressure cooker to prevent poisoning your family.) Together, you can look at a map and make plans for a possible evacuation, then take a trip as a family to scout out the route.

The more family members are involved in this activity, the more they understand why they are doing it and will be less likely to panic and fret. The point is that they will also know what to do in case a situation happens. If nothing occurs, then you still have supplies for the future that should be rotated regularly. These supplies can be absorbed in daily use, or be taken on hiking and camping trips with the family! Be sure to replace whatever is used so there is always a current supply. When prepared, we have little reason to fear.

My point is we need to make this preparation fun; it needs to unite the family, and it should open up a helpful dialog with them. Any fears that need to be addressed can be done at that time rather than when the crisis occurs. Children know what is going on anyway, they see reports on TV and hear others talking about it at school, so it does not help to shelter them. Talk about it! Let them share their feelings and participate in your planning.



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