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*Part I-Anxiety About The Future

Crying.PART 1

After our vivid memories of the day we awakened to terrorism on 9/11/2001, with chances of it repeating in the future, a number of us are expressing alarm over the prospect of war unfolding outside our doorsteps in the future. I understand their concerns. War on American soil is a reality most of us have not faced since Pearl Harbor. For many, the war on terrorism did not stop at the front door, but has taken loved ones to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other hot spots. Now we need to discuss how to handle our anxiety about facing future events.

The openness of our society; our politicians’ inability to adequately seal off the Canadian and Mexican borders to keep out criminals, drug dealers and would-be terrorists; the ease in which our technology, communications, and transportation can be utilized to do us harm; and the threat of another type of an attack in the future has changed the way we think and travel. Needless to say, this leaves us feeling apprehensive about our future.

Nerves are on edge because we do not know what to expect next or how to protect our families from an unknown threat! This is why it is so critical for our families’ happiness and peace of mind that we prepare now for a worst-case scenario on all fronts; that means economically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

However, we cannot adequately prepare without a realistic understanding of the threats we face. I advise you to check out, the Internet site the Government set up for your use for emergency preparedness. I downloaded everything to my desktop. I then transferred it to a notebook and put it with my emergency kit.

More on this topic is available at other sites. One site was very helpful in planning and preparing food storage and so forth. It is set up by the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons). Go to, then click on the links you prefer.

Also, check our store for emergency supplies.

Although I have no experience with them yet, see for details on preparing for emergencies. Someone suggested these sites to me because their expertise and experience are well-known; now I suggest them to you. I found these sites helpful in achieving my personal goals. Please make a concerted effort to obtain this information and apply it to your family’s current needs.

The Government is looking at what they can do to meet the current threats that we face as a nation. Answering the same questions the Government is asking themselves can help us in our own preparedness efforts. For example: “What do we have that is a target? What is the risk? How can we mitigate it (in other words, alleviate the greatest risk)?”

I cannot convey enough information in this report or my book series to help you get all the information that you need in preparing your families for future risks, nor can I fully prepare you with everything you need to fortify your spirit to deal with the tribulations of our times and in the future. However, I can at least nudge you into thinking about these things and point you in the right direction. I hope you will open up a dialog with your family members and friends to see how together you can best meet the new challenges of our modern times.



For more information about preparing, see our blog at or go to to purchase the items you need to prepare for raining days.

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Please read all four parts of this Being Prepared Series.


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