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This posting is a realistic view of the dangerous conditions we live with today. Let me forewarn you, though: The verbiage is bold when explaining the possible chaos in days ahead, and in discussing the fallout we might expect and the subsequent need to protect our families. Of course, the plan is not to scare anyone to death with my frankness. The point is to help you realistically consider the uncertainty of our present and future.

In order to face future challenges, we cannot afford to be caught up in paranoia or negativity about it; however, we should definitely be thinking about how chaos, in the days ahead and in whatever form it takes, could affect our families. We should also consider how it affects every American, every business, and even world economies.

The uncertainty of what is ahead is a good a enough reason for taking a closer look at our options now. Obviously, today is the best time for putting together plans that will protect our families’ future. Please, sit down with your family and make those preparations. I hope you will do that soon—perhaps this Sunday evening!

We can only guess about what to expect in the days ahead. Whatever preparations we make now will directly affect how we manage future challenges. If we wait too long, the future will be upon us. In other words, how well we plan now will be reflected in the efficacy of our responses tomorrow, and will even help us find some peace of mind in events taking place today.

Please take the time to discuss with your spouse your family’s needs, decide on a plan, and then do it. The more prepared our citizens are, the easier it will be on all of us if (or when) a crisis occurs. For this reason, please discuss your goals with the neighbors as well! Along with you, they need to be prepared so that fewer people overreact or panic in a situation.



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