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The Treasure Box Series is about my experiences and the treasures I gained from them.

After 9/11, I embarked on a quest to find peace of mind and to learn how to deal with specific trials I was having at that time.

I’ve learned a lot about “Chaos”, “Peace of Mind”, “Joy”, and “Happiness”. Also, I learned about responding to situations appropriately instead of reacting in default or out of frustration and emotions.

Today, I make much better choices than ten years ago, not only in the way I respond to situations but how I live my life today. I live a happier and fuller life because of what changes I have made in my life.

Perhaps you will consider my lessons as you ponder on your own situation. It may be that something I say will ring a bell of truth and help you change your life as well. That would be pleasing to me and I would love to hear about it. 


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